The world of an authentic companion is filled with the finesses that a certain life can offer.

But luxury is subjective; each has an idea of what it should be.

I am a lover of unique things, moments, tastes and sceneries. Those once in a lifetime experiences. To share an exclusive moment with someone who not only has the means but also the generosity to make that possible. To experience it with someone, with whom you have an intimate connection,

and why not say a friendship with.

That is the most accurate form of luxury for me. 



*Zwischenspiel - 3hr*

I see you...you feel me.

Small but long talks. Measuring energy. You get a taste of me. 

Do we vibrate together? A pleasure to meet you. Do we long for more?

Another negroni, please!

1'000 chf / 950 euro

*Dinner & Drinks - 4hr*

I am getting to know you...while you get to know me.

Teaser eyes. Open minds and giggles. Tension is building up. 

No rush. L'addition, s'il vous plaît. There's dessert after the dessert!

1'200 chf /1'100 euro

*Day Dates - 8hr*

Let's take the day off and have brunch together.

Leave the indoors and adventure outside. Let me see this town through your eyes.

I like to be a flaneur. Walk for hours. Make a wine break. The day is long!   

1'700 chf / 1'600 euro

*Overnights - 14hrs*

"Don't disturb" hangs on the door. Unbothered. Undressed.

Unshamed. We aim to be. Just us. Who cares about the time.

A cork is popping. Miles Davis is alive. I'm all yours!

2'300 chf / 2'200 euro 


*Travel Dates*
To travel by train across Europe. We are sailing the Mediterranean sea. 

Be drunk and happy in a Parisian bar. Fall in love with Rome during the night.

Dance on tables in Mykonos. Taste the power of history while touring Champagne.

The world is big, my love. And so it is my hunger to dive into new adventures with you!

*my fees vary depending on the location and length of the travel*


*Duration & Location*

My minimum booking time for new clients is three hours and two hours for established clients.

I am available for travel dates - overnights and to join you on a business trip.

I am currently based in Zürich and frequently travel to Milan & Munich.

I'm passport ready to visit you anywhere by train or flight within  Europe or Internationally.


Not all my fees are listed. They vary depending on your date plans, length and location.

Once you send me a detailed introductory email via my contact form, you'll get the exact costs suited to your date request. As an idea, my fees are similar to other independent elite companions in Europe and New York.

*Affinity *

I consider myself a selective extrovert.

I like to choose with whom I spend my time and myself carefully.

I look for genuine connections. Having a busy and varied schedule makes me picky and selective about whom I welcome into my circle of clients.

 Not in a discriminatory way at all – I'm used to meeting different kinds of people from all walks of life. If you have good manners, respect and impeccable hygiene and apply to my etiquette, I will do my best to make time for you.

* I can rarely accommodate short-notice date requests. Please plan in advance to avoid disappointments.*


Oaxaca, Mexico – The Orient Express - Bahamas – Vienna – St Petersburg – Sicily (Always) – Champagne – Bordeaux - The Highlands – Marrakesh – Capri  – Japan – Lima, Peru - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Porto, Portugal - Madrid - Seychelles - Mumbai, India

Tell me more about your ideas! Kisses



Are you ready to introduce yourself?

Because I cannot wait to hear from you!