Where are you from Lily? And where can I find you?

Born in Switzerland, from mixed race parents. I grew up in two different continents. Moving later to Zürich to attend the University. I'm based in Zürich, but if you're unable to meet me here, then you can fly/train/drive me to you. I love these kind of dates!

What is your idea of discretion?

Just like you, I have a private life. Privacy is paramount for both of us and nothing will never jeopardize our boundaries. My discretion is one of the things which my great reputation relies on. Keeping the details of our meeting private and therefore safeguarding your privacy, is an integral part of what being a companion means to me.

What do you offer on a date?

A simple, yet rare thing called: quality & authenticity! With an emphasis on deep and passionate connections. While I am a part-time professional, I am also interested in being the woman of your dreams. I will never make things between us feel like a business transaction or time–watcher awkward, as it is important to me that you are as comfortable as possible. My goal is to provide a uniquely satisfying and truly breathless experience of a life-time.

Why are all your pictures cropped Lily?

I do not show my face in any of my pictures, for very specific reasons. Protecting my identity also protects yours as well. Hiding my face guarantees that I will not be recognized in any place we're going to spend our time together. However, I promise that you will find my facial features stunningly beautiful with flawless skin, a dazzling smile, high cheekbones and seductive brown eyes.

How should I contact you?

Email is my main method of communication. I reserve the contact through phone calls messaging apps and texting for established suitors only. The booking form on my site is how I prefer to be contacted...I recommend approaching this conversation as natural and precise possible. Be professional, be respectful. A thorough booking form gives me a headstart determining compatability and if we may be a good fit, so don't skip the details. If you have never met a companion before, there's no need to shy away, please be sure to mention along with your introductory email. Be open and sincere about your expectations and wishes for a first date. I am very prompt and professional in my response times. However due to a busy work/travel schedule, I am not always able to respond immediately. If there are certain time frames I should respond to you within for your own discretion, please let me know. Otherwise messages will be responded to within business hours.

Can I book a same day appointment with you?

Last-minute appointments simply aren't possible! Please try to plan ahead, at least, 48 hours in advance to arrange an engagement with me as I am rarely available on short notice. On the off chance that I do have a last minute opening, I will give priority to suitors I have seen in the past.

Can I bring you a gift?

Oh yes Sir! https://linktr.ee/lilyvivier

Why don't you want to be reviewed?

I feel very strongly about mutual respect. Our conversation and time together is something that I think is sacred and should be a secret between us two. I would never compromise your privacy and talk about our private moments to anyone else. I would like that same right afforded to me.

Do you like whatever -BLACK/WHITE/YOUNG/OLD MEN?

I am an equal opportunity employer when it comes to dating. My suitors are from all genders and orientations, ethnic and professional backgrounds, and ages that reflect having lived a little. But the one thing they all have in common though is generosity; not only financially but a generosity of spirit. They have a strong lean towards adventure, prefer understated experiences and most of all they, like myself, have a deep desire for authentic connections. I am very picky and I prefer to keep a small clique of admirers and only see a few people each month.

Do you Tour Lily?

I do not offer tours, but I can accommodate date* requests to my domestic and international trips. You may inquire as to whether or not I plan to visit your city and of course, you can always fly me with you!

Are you reference friendly?

Of course! If we’ve met in the last 8 months I am more than happy to provide reference for you if another provider contacts me for one. Please send me a note prior to let me know you have consented to me divulging details about your character, if a reference is requested.

What are you screening and deposit etiquette?

First! Mutal discretion and safety is a must. Screening is done via my encrypted booking form. What is required: - 2-3 references from other VIP Independent Companions you have previously met in the past 8 months and verifiable employment information. - A photo of your ID( driving license or passport). - A link to your professional LinkedIn Profile. You have my word that I will honor your privacy and personal information. I ask for what I feel is the bare minimum of information needed to safely spend time with a complete stranger. I of course respect your desire for a certain amount of anonymity, however pre-screening is non-negotiable. If you do not understand this, then please do not contact me. DEPOSITS: - A deposit of 20% is required from new clients for durations above 3hrs. The rest must be paid in cash within the first minutes of our date. - Travel costs must be fully paid upfront. - Extra costs that may occur, such as admissions or train/flight tickets are not included in the rates. - Cancellations: deposits are non-refundable. However, I will apply the deposit to a new date within 4 moths. If the cancelation is made 48hours in advance. In the rarely event of me canceling our plans; after many apologies. I will hold the deposit for a new-date-check, and likely offer some additional time off the clock to our next engagement, like meeting for coffee/cocktails. - For international travel requests, please contact me directly as depending on the destination and duration, my rates may vary.

Do you have an Incall? Or accept outcalls?

If you’d prefer an incall visit, I can easily arrange a 4-5 boutique hotel or apartment for us in Zürich downtown or/and around the lake. Please add CHF350 to deposit to assist in the obscenity that is the cost of hotels in Switzerland. For outcalls, I am happy to meet you at 4-5 star hotels. If you're an established suitor, we can also plan our rendezvous at your private residence.