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Uncomplicated . Elegant . Witty . Charming

My Delights:

Fresh baked pain au chocolat . Silence

Franciacorta or Champagne . Bare feet . Dinner dates 

Pearls . Morning debauchery . Easy laughter . The sea
Tasteful gifts . Tartufo Nero .

Passionate kisses . Museums/Art Galleries

Pasta . Miles & More Club . Pina Bausch
Warm hands . Travel by train . Bikinis 

Green tea . Sun & Salt-Water . Long night walks 

Fine Print:

In 1,73 no heels on 

Sharp tongue in English. German 

Naturally slim figure with delicate shoulders

Distinct and exotic facial features
 shoulder long hair -  all-natural woman 

Opinionated long legged- with a nice derrière

Discreetly inked

A Leo-cancer cusp woman

Flexitarian with intolerance for timewasters* 

A riddle wrapped in a mystery
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