Discretion is part of it.

If there is a question that I am always asked and that you may be asking yourself to, is why did I choose to live in Zürich instead of any other metropolis in the world?

I could tell you a long tale of how I felt in love with the calm and well structured way of living in Switzerland during my studies, or the Swiss lakes, integrity and Swiss way of living. None of this will truly explain why I choose Zurich as my home.

It just happened, what can I say?!

But, among other things, one specific Swiss trait that I very much appreciate is the Swiss discretion. The respect for privacy has a long tradition in Switzerland, let the Swiss bank secrecy speak for itself.

Or have a chat with one of the honest brokers in town.

Confidentiality, this is the word! Because the BIG things here, happens behind closed doors and are kept there. Does this sound familiar to you?

Discretion is one of the most important factors for me and for what I do as High Class Escort ( SEO language here!), it is beyond essential.

Sometimes it is only possible to experience something unique in secret.

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