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I've had my fair share of rendezvous with virgins or clients who wanted my help finding their way to feeling comfortable around a woman.

Men who've not had intimacy in a long time and ones who are coming out of complicated relationships, divorced or looking to build up their confidence. To adapt and re-learn tasks such as how to flirt, approach, touch and give pleasure, act securely around a woman, and be a gentleman in the complex and diverse dating world nowadays.

Not every story and reason is the same; these men are looking for something lacking in their life. And those who may fit into one of these categories often find it challenging to contact a companion because of shame and fear of judgement.

As much experience I've collected as a companion, every time I meet someone new, it is my first time too! Compare it with starting a new book, you may have a superficial idea about it, but by reading each chapter and deepening yourself into it, you can create a better picture of its plot. I treat each lover (client) differently - there is no standard. For as humans, we are complex creatures.

During these encounters, I learn something new about myself, my work and the intricacy of relationships. My natural approach during dates like this has more to do with my background, curiosity and how I see sex, connection and intimacy than my professional companion (escort) work. It doesn't mean that I am an expert or hold a PhD; I see it as a take-and-give, for I am always learning something from my lovers and their stories.

"The sex work industry is a galaxy in itself, with specific niches for a diverse clientele. Navigating this world, you'll find people from different walks of life and educational backgrounds - what sometimes can be overwhelming as a first-timer."

Many start researching but lose themselves in the way - the reasons are many for distraction. However, proper research is crucial when looking for the right provider. But to find the eligible one, you must ask yourself the right questions. What mind lives behind that well-curated picture? Do we speak the same language when speaking about intimacy? Am I looking for a short fling or something more profound? Does what she/he says resonates with me?

This is also a lesson; seek first to understand to be understood.

For many out there reading this post, let me emphasise that size has nothing to do with skill when building a connection and intimacy.

What matters the most to me is chemistry and mutual respect; after all, this moment must be both a fun and pleasurable experience. A big penis or long stamina isn't necessary for a lasting impression, but confidence, communication, and willingness to open up are. The courage to experience new things will also lead you to unknown areas of pleasure.

"It all starts with transparency. An open and honest conversation adds more to an encounter than inches."

So when you gather the strength to take the first step, be open about it.

Be honest with the provider you may be contacting. That adds a lot when you reach out for a booking.

Sharing your story and expectations gives the provider the heads-up necessary to know if she/he can meet your needs.

And remember, if a decline happens, it's not about you.

I wish you good luck in finding your perfect companion who will make your secret dreams come true!




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