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Inspirations & Destinations

I am always excited to travel and explore new places, and these destinations have really piqued my interest. If you are looking for a unique way to spend time together, I have curated a travel package that includes some of my dream destinations, top restaurants, and a list of selected hotels from around the world. This package is perfect for those who want to make our time together even more special.


Please let me know if any of these destinations catch your attention and interest!

Below are some of the travel destinations on my list for 2024:


- Bodrum, Turkey - Casa Blanca/ Marrakesh, Morocco - Lima, Peru - Cape Verde, Africa - Vietnam

- Monte Carlo, Monaco - Champagne, France - California, USA - Bali, Indonesia - Dubai, U.A.E.

- Singapore - Bangkok, Thailand - Copenhagen, Denmark - Porto/Lisbon, Portugal"



I've heard so many good things about Turkey’s "Turquoise Coast" that it made me dream about a short summer date escape! How about an unforgettable date in one of the hotels below?

- Amanruya - 

- Mandarin Oriental - 

- Kuum Hotel & Spa - 

- Scorpios Bodrum -

- The Bodrum EDITION -

* 4 days 3800chf/eu (travel costs not included) 


I visited Lisbon many moons ago, but I love revisiting places with a lover to discover new corners together!

Lunch at Palacio Chiado, followed by a refreshing and intimate break in our room at one of these magnificent hotels!

-  Verride Palácio Santa Catarina -

- Memmo Príncipe Real - Design Hotels -

- Sublime Lisboa -

Dinner at Alma or Encanto

We can design the rest based on our wishes and desires!

24 Hours 2900chf/eu (travel costs not included)  

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-30 um 20.33.50.png

12 + HOURS

Copenhagen's name has been buzzing in my ear for years now; still, I needed time to gather the courage and find the right season to visit the bubbling capital of Denmark.


I've heard that summer is the time to be in town! 

Audo Copenhagen

Hotel Sanders

Both Hotels fit perfectly a short affair in town.


How about having an intimate dinner in one of these restaurants (that aren't Noma!)




12 + Hours - 2400chf/eu

(travel costs not included)

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